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Brake Repair & Service in Greeley, CO

No system in your car is more important than the brakes. For those of you who might say that this is an overstatement, consider this, you go out one day, get behind the wheel, and….nothing. The engine won’t start and there are no lights. Sure, this situation is annoying, but it’s something you can live with. However, if you are driving down the road and the brakes stop working, well, that is a completely different situation, no one should be facing, ever.

Therefore, when you are having a brake problem, you need to bring your car to the experts at Phil’s Pro Auto Service in Greeley, CO. Our team of expert technicians is quite familiar with the ins and outs of almost all brake systems. We know how they are supposed to work, and more importantly, we know how to fix them.

Here are some of the symptoms that can indicate an issue with your vehicle’s brakes: 

  • Spongy or soft brake pedal
  • Loss in braking performance
  • Squealing or grinding noises when braking
  • Vehicle nose dives when braking
  • Vibrating when braking

We will use top-quality brake parts and utilize the latest service techniques to ensure your car’s brakes are in top condition. We’ll make sure that your brakes are working properly before we allow you to take your car back on the road. Also, our specialists are familiar with the latest antilock brake systems. This means that, if your ABS light comes on or starts flashing, we know how to check the system and fix it.

So, when your car needs brake service or repair, there’s only one place you need to remember: Phil’s Pro Auto Service in Greeley, CO. Because your life could depend on it.