4×4 Fluid Services

4×4 Fluid Services in Greeley, CO

Routine 4×4 fluid replacement services are essential to maintaining a high-performing vehicle. Both trucks and SUVs are usually equipped with off-road driving and towing capabilities, therefore we rely heavily on their transmission’s performance.

Phil’s Pro Auto Service specializes in 4WD and 4×4 vehicle service and repair. Our team of ASE-certified technicians provides excellent customer service, accompanied by high-quality repair work. Our service family of mechanics has logged 167+ years of professional experience you can count on.

Phil’s Pro Auto Service offers the following 4×4 fluid services:

-Transfer case fluid

-Front Differentials fluid

-Rear Differentials fluid

-Transmission fluid

Our complete fluid service checklist for your 4WD or 4×4 vehicle includes checking the above fluids and if necessary, changing it out by draining the old fluid, replacing it with clean fluid to the proper level according to the owner’s manual, and re-installing the fill plug.

Transfer Case Service, along with Rear and Front Differential Service, will keep your vehicle in top working condition. Routine 4×4 fluid services can reduce wear and tear on your vehicle. You can rely on the expertise of our ASE Certified mechanics to provide you with a worry-free performance that will extend the life of your vehicle.

If you need 4×4 fluid services in Greeley, CO, give us a call here at Phil’s Pro Auto Service or schedule an appointment online today!