Battery Service and Repair

Vehicle Battery Service & Repair in Greeley, CO

The battery of your car supplies power to the engine so that it can start, and also provides additional power for electrical systems. However, a car battery does not last forever. Phil’s Pro Auto Service will keep your automobile starting reliably with comprehensive battery services and replacement around the Greeley area.

How Does a Car Battery Work?

A chemical reaction takes place between positively and negatively charged plates inside the battery. An electrical charge is being created by this reaction, and its energy is stored in the battery’s cells. This is what powers the electrical systems of your automobile but, more importantly, provides the energy to crank over the engine of your car.

Also, regular battery services should be performed to ensure the longevity of the battery. Whether it’s topping up the electrolyte or battery terminal cleaning, routine maintenance should include battery servicing. Keeping the terminals clean is very important due to all the electronics in today’s vehicles, including sensors located in the cables themselves.

Typically, a car battery lasts between 3 and 5 years before it requires replacement. Depleted batteries may require a boost often or may not have the amperage to start your engine during cold weather.

High-Quality Battery Replacement

If your battery requires servicing or replacement, consider the battery experts at Phil’s Pro Auto Service. With years of experience in battery testing and electrical diagnosis, our qualified technicians are the right choice to make.

We diagnose batteries and electrical systems with the help of top-quality computerized diagnostic equipment for all makes and models. Our expert team of ASE-certified technicians will test your car battery and provide expert advice on how best to remedy your symptoms. In most cases, a simple battery replacement is all it takes.

You don’t have time to deal with an unreliable car. At Phil’s Pro Auto Service, we understand your needs and offer knowledgeable and friendly service to our customers on time. We are proud to be your top choice around Greeley, CO for battery service and replacement.