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Regular Brake Maintenance Spells Safety

Frequent brake inspections are critical to the safety of your vehicle. Effective braking protects your safety and that of everyone around you. Preventing collisions begins with the health of your braking system. Knowing when to have your brakes serviced is everything. There are several signs of brake wear that all drivers should know. Squealing is an obvious sign of braking issues. Clicking is a lesser-known sign that your brake pads and hardware may need to be replaced. Vibration or softness in your brake pedal is often caused by brake wear. Increased braking distance should prompt an inspection. Pulling to one side as you press and release your brakes is another sign to watch for. Let our team of experienced professionals inspect your vehicle for wear or damage. Call us today at (970) 353-2739 to set up an inspection at the first sign of wear.