Tune Up

Tune-Up in Greeley, CO

Tune-ups can prolong your vehicle’s life by replacing those engine parts that are susceptible to deterioration. Most automobiles require tune-ups every 60,000 to 120,000 miles. Phil’s Pro Auto Service offers high-quality tune-ups, along with various other auto repair and maintenance services.

Regular tune-ups can protect against engine complications in the future while identifying and replacing worn-out parts. Keeping a regular tune-up schedule will help your vehicle last longer, boost efficiency, and sustain a higher gasoline mileage.

Most vehicles have parts that are known to break or deteriorate over time. These parts are scheduled for maintenance at certain benchmarks, recommended by the manufacturer, usually every 60,000 to 120,000 miles. Although these parts may last longer than the recommended time frame, it’s wise to have them inspected regularly. If these parts are not inspected regularly and the scheduled maintenance is not performed, then a major problem may occur.

You might need a tune-up service if your vehicle is experiencing problems such as:

-Check Engine Light illuminated

-Small electrical issues

-Engine sounds appears: knocks or pings

-Degraded performance

Fuel economy changes Preventative maintenance, along with tune-ups could go a long way in preventing loss of money, as well as, extending your automobile’s life. Schedule an appointment for a tune-up service today at Phil’s Pro Auto Service to put a stop to common car issues and extend your car’s life! Call Phil’s Pro Auto Service today to book your next tune-up service. Phil’s Pro Auto Service is proud to be your number one auto repair center in Greeley and surround communities.