Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment in Greeley, CO

Let Phil’s Pro Auto Service Address Your Alignment Problems

When to Call Phil’s Pro Auto Service and have Your Vehicle Alignment Checked

Annual wheel alignment inspections are standard. Many drivers believe an inspection once a year is sufficient to keep their wheels in proper alignment. Many events warrant a closer look at your wheel alignment. Any repair part replacement or significant change in the height of your suspension could throw off your wheel alignment. Any hard impact from bumping a curb to a fender bender should be followed up with a visit to a professional team. Call us today at (970) 353-2739 to set up your next alignment check to ensure your vehicle is hitting the pavement at the correct angle. We’ll use the latest equipment and software to precision-adjust each wheel’s alignment until your vehicle is perfectly balanced before you hit the road. Visit us today at 707 12th Street, Greeley, CO 80631 to check the toe-in angle, camber, and caster of your car are all measured. Don’t let a minor headache turn into a major repair. Let us make having your wheel alignment checked and serviced as quickly and stress-free as possible. Enjoy our fast, friendly service and trust in our 37 years of professional inspection experience.