What are the Benefits of Engine Oil Changes?

Having an oil change is one of the most vital routine steps for car owners when it comes to vehicle maintenance. Scheduled oil changes keep your vehicle's engine running smoothly. During your appointment, you should also ask your mechanic to do other checks as well. Our expert team of technicians will can over your vehicle and address any concerns you may have with your hoses, belts, brakes, filters, tire pressure, or fluid levels, to name a few.

Besides following what your manufacturer tells you to do, why should you get an oil change? What benefits are you getting out of an oil change?

Keeps Your Engine Clean

As oil flows throughout your engine, debris will start to gather within it. Failure to change the oil after a certain amount of time will allow sludge to build up in your motor. If you live in dusty or heavily polluted areas, you can expect more dirt and debris to build up quicker.

Protects Engine Parts

Your engine is made up of various parts, including cylinders, rods, camshafts, and crankshafts. Engine oil helps keep these pieces moving and running correctly. Clean oil protects these internal parts and keeps them from bumping into each other.

Increase Engine Lifespan

Oil lubricates and protects engine parts from damage and wear. Routine oil and filter changes will keep your engine clean and protected, which will save you some coin in the long run. An oil change is an investment that keeps your vehicle running for many years to come.

Better Mileage

Every car owner seeks optimal fuel efficiency in their car. Although many factors affect your gas mileage, routine oil changes are one of the most important ones. If you allow your oil to accumulate grime, your engine parts will have to put in more power to work correctly. Friction lowers fuel efficiency and engine performance, and fresh oil minimizes friction under the hood.

Lower Emissions

In some states or cities, you are required to pass emissions testing. These tests measure how much hydrocarbons your car is releasing into the air. Hydrocarbons develop inside your engine when you have dirty and gritty oil. When these substances get burned up, they are released into the air through your vehicle's exhaust. To lower the amount of these harmful emissions, you need regular oil changes.

If it's been some time since your last oil change, please come by Phil's Pro Auto Service soon. Our ASE-certied technicians would be glad to help you with you oil & filter change. Give us a call or visit today!

Written by Phil's Pro Auto Service