What is 30/60/90K Vehicle Maintenance?

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Has your auto mechanic asked you about your car's maintenance schedule lately? More precisely they may want to know what 30k-60k-90k is for your car. Does that question sound complicated? You can relax now, all that refers to is the service maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

What Does That Actually Mean?

You are supposed to get all your routine maintenance service procedures done at 30 thousand miles, 60 thousand miles, and 90 thousand miles. At each of those milestones, there are different maintenance tasks that need to be performed. Ignoring them can lead to serious problems and a short lifespan for your auto.

30 Thousand Mile Service

At this point in your auto's life, your mechanic will want to see how its standard systems are holding up. If there are problems with any of the parts, now is the time to address them. This includes engine oil and related parts maintenance,an inspection of all four tires, checking the brakes, and an examination of all fluid levels.

60 Thousand Mile Check-Up

This is the time in your vehicle's existence where things can start to go wrong. Systems will start to wear out, the transmission, cooling, and fuel components will show signs of age and must be repaired. Your mechanic will also revisit many of the tasks that were done in the 30 thousand-mile service visit. These should be done at regular 30 thousand mile intervals to avoid trouble.

90 Thousand Mile Maintenance Visit

Of course, regular maintenance at any of these milestones is important; however, this one is critical to your vehicle. In addition to the routine tasks, this is the time when engine drive belts and other parts can wear out. Neglecting to perform this service could very well result in a breakdown in the middle of a highway.

Other steps that get done here are differential and transfer case fluids getting refilled. Timing belts are inspected and likely replaced. The drive train, transmission, and electrical systems are gone over thoroughly by the mechanic. Exactly what services your vehicle will need will depend upon its overall condition, which the experts here at Phil's Pro Auto Service can help with!

If your vehicle is due for service, don't hesitate to bring your vehicle into our shop today.

Written by Phil's Pro Auto Service