Wheel Alignment or Tire Balance, Which Do You Need?

Sometimes circumstances force you to take a bad road and avoiding potholes and bumps becomes a challenge. When you hit the curb, the first things that come to mind are the bumper and tires. You might not detect the damages at a glance, but you needn't settle for that. The chances are that you've knocked the wheels out of alignment. The following are some signs that your wheels are misaligned or that your tires need to be balanced.

Steering Wheel Vibration

Poor alignment causes the steering wheel to vibrate or rock horizontally. It happens repeatedly and can sometimes be so bad to the extent that the entire car shakes as it runs on the road. That happens because two tires are trying to pull against each other. It becomes difficult to understand which direction the car is heading.

Irregular Tire Wear

It is critical to check whether the front tires have even wear patterns. If so, that's an indication that the wheels are in line. Do the same for the rear wheels. When you notice that the tires have uneven wear patterns, it's a red flag that you need to have a certified technician service the car.

Driving with an Angled Steering Wheel

If you must hold the steering wheel at a crooked angle for it to run straight, that's a sign of misalignment. Many drivers ignore this because the steering wheel is only slightly out-of-line. It would be best to take the car to the auto repair shop, even with the slightest crookedness.

Car Pulling to One Direction Suddenly

When the car pulls in one direction all of a sudden, it might be because of underinflated tires. Nonetheless, if the tire pressure is sufficient, but the issue persists, it's an indication that you should seek wheel alignment services.

Soft Pulling

While wheel misalignment can cause sharp pulling in one direction, it might not be obvious to other cars. Instead of the harsh left-right movement, the vehicle tends to drift in one direction gradually. It would help if you acted immediately when you notice that because it might be a complicated underlying issue that's causing wheel misalignment.

If you need a wheel alignment, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today!

Written by Phil's Pro Auto Service