Why Is My Steering Wheel Squealing?

The power steering system is designed and built to help you control your car and steer your wheels properly. Power steering systems can have issues that need to be addressed promptly to protect you and other's safety on the road. If you notice a loud and obnoxious squealing noise when you turn your steering wheel, there may be a problem with a component within the power steering system.

The most common causes for squealing when turning your steering wheel include the following:

  • Low power steering fluid can cause significant hydraulic power steering system issues. Your power steering fluid is among the six essential fluids that your vehicle needs to operate correctly. Most of the time, this is caused by a leak.
  • A worn-out or damaged power steering belt can produce a squealing noise because the belt can slip when the wheel is turned.
  • A failing power steering pump can also cause a squealing noise because the system isn't sustaining the proper fluid pressure.

To be sure of why you hear squealing when you turn your steering wheel, bring your vehicle to Phils Pro Auto for a proper inspection from our team. Our ASE-certified technicians will conduct a complete vehicle inspection and examine your power steering system to conclude what repairs or services are needed to take care of the issue.

We know that squealing noise can be irritating and stress-inducing, and we highly advise you not to overlook this issue if you encounter it. If the problem is caused by a leak, belt, or power steering pump, the problem will continue to progress and cause the entire system to fail unexpectedly. If you suspect that you need power steering repair, give us a call today!

Written by Phil's Pro Auto Service