Oil Change

Oil Change in Greeley, CO

Every driver wants their automobile to last as long as possible. The best way to achieve that is by performing routine maintenance services. The most frequent and important maintenance service is the engine oil change. Our team of certified mechanics at Phil’s Pro Auto Service can perform all your vehicle maintenance, and oil change is no exception.

The Importance of Oil Changes

Some drivers think that it is not a big deal if they skip or delay an oil change for their vehicle. However, the engine oil does more than you think. It lubricates the moving parts, prevents corrosion on engine components, cleans deposits inside your engine, and creates a protective barrier between metal surfaces to prevent wear. It also acts as a hydraulic fluid in modern engines operating the variable valve timing, keeping tension on timing chain guides. Clean, full oil protects all of those parts and more. Lastly, the engine oil performs up to 40 percent of your engine’s cooling.

Regular oil changes are vital to the health of your engine. No matter what type of automobile you drive, your oil change should be performed on time, always.

High-Quality Parts and Fluids

When you choose Phil’s Pro Auto Service for your oil change, rest assured that you will always get the best parts for the job. No matter what type of oil your engine requires, our mechanics will use the correct grade of oil for your engine. Only the right parts will do for your vehicle maintenance.

The Right Choice for All Makes and Models

New or not-so-new, domestic or import, our ASE-certified technicians at Phil’s Pro Auto Service have the expertise and skills to perform not only your oil change but all your vehicle maintenance.

At Phil’s Pro Auto Service, we take great pride in what we do. Our top priority is to provide top-notch customer service for every auto repair or maintenance service we offer to our customers in the Greeley area.