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Suspension Repair in Greeley, CO

Suspension Repair
Let Phil’s Professional Service Take Care of Suspension Repair
Suspension repair in Greeley, CO
Suspension Repair in Greeley, CO

Vehicles are only as good as their suspension. Without it, you’d be bouncing around in your car, feeling every bump and crack in the road. But with a proper suspension system, you’re able to enjoy a smooth ride no matter what terrain you’re going over. It helps reduce vibration and instability when driving on rough surfaces, keeps tires firmly planted on the ground for increased traction and steering control, and even provides better handling during emergency maneuvers.

A sound suspension system can even improve fuel economy by reducing rolling resistance and allowing your engine to operate more efficiently. So whether you drive a truck or a sports car, having excellent suspension is essential for optimal performance and safety on the road. And that means bringing your vehicle into Phil’s Pro Auto Service for suspension repair in Greeley, CO!

Here at Phil’s Pro Auto Service, our ASE-certified mechanics have the expertise and experience needed to inspect, diagnose, and repair any suspension issue you’re having with your vehicle. We’ll assess your shocks and struts, look for signs of wear or tear in the bushings, check tie-rod ends and ball joints for damage, and replace worn components if necessary—all while ensuring that your car remains road-ready and safe. We understand that time is money, which is why we strive to get your vehicle back on the road as smoothly and quickly as possible without compromising the quality of service!

Does My Car Need Suspension Repair in Greeley, CO?

Thankfully for everyone involved, suspension issues are relatively easy to spot. However, sometimes the signs of suspension problems overlap with symptoms of other vehicle issues. But regardless, you can ensure that you catch any suspension issues with your vehicle early by keeping your eye out for any of the following signs:

Steering Difficulty

Your vehicle’s suspension system aids in steering, thus any problems will likely be felt through the steering wheel. Your vehicle may pull to one side, making it more difficult to maintain a straight line. Similarly, while taking turns, your car may tend to move to one side and require more handling to restore to its neutral position.

Rough or Bumpy Rides

Enhanced sensitivity to road bumps is a telltale indicator of a damaged suspension system. When driving on a dirt road or any other type of uneven surface, your vehicle may seem to bounce up and down.

The Balance of Your Car Feels Off

When a vehicle’s suspension is damaged, it might lean to one side, making driving uncomfortable. Having your suspension fixed can bring back the feeling of comfort for you and your passengers.

Having Difficulty Navigating Speed Bumps

If your suspension bushings come loose, you may experience rattling. Bushings hold everything else together and make sure it can move in unison. Squeaking or clunking noises can also be caused by worn suspension bushings or spring joints, especially when driving over road imperfections such as cracks and holes.

Additional Indicators of Suspension Failure

  • When using brakes, the vehicle tips forward, or “nose-dives”
  • When you press on the gas, your car lurches back
  • Unsteady steering
  • Excessive tire wear


If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to bring your car for suspension repair in Greeley, CO, at Phil’s Pro Auto Service! We’ll get your vehicle back in top condition, so you can enjoy a smooth, safe ride every time you hit the road.

How Often Should Your Suspension and Steering Be Serviced?

If you’re having trouble controlling your vehicle, you might want to get your suspension and steering checked out. It is recommended that you have your car examined by a professional at least once a year or every 12,000 miles. Although your steering and suspension may seem fine at first glance, they still need to be maintained on a regular basis to ensure they remain in top shape.

Phil’s Pro Auto Service is the place to go for trustworthy suspension repair in Greeley, CO. Stay safe on the road with the help of our expert mechanics who can promptly identify and fix problems with your vehicle’s steering and suspension. For more information about our services, get in touch with us immediately.

Enjoy a Smooth Ride With Phil's Pro Auto Service

In the event that you need suspension repair in Greeley, CO, Phil’s Pro Auto Repair is the best place to go. You can trust that your automobile is in excellent hands with us thanks to over 37 years of expertise keeping vehicles operating smoothly and an industry-leading 36-month/36,000-mile guarantee on parts and labor! Moreover, we provide digital updates through text messages to keep you updated throughout the process, ensuring that you are always aware of the condition of your car.

So don’t let a broken suspension get in the way of your daily routine. Instead, contact Phil’s Pro Auto Repair today at (970) 329-8895 for the best suspension repair in Greeley, CO!